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tv   ABC 7 News at 5PM  ABC  January 26, 2013 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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surrounding streets and then they told businesses to either evacuate or shelter in place. they also closed the broadway and stock top tunnel for a period of time. the bomb squad used a row tote to retrieve the device. and i'll determine what it was they were dealing with. as for north beach and champion china town, businesses are back up and running. >> good to see things are resuming there. tens of thousands of anti-abortion advocates from all over northern california, joined in the nine annual march for life today. that march just ended at san francisco's justin herman plaza and that's where tomas roman joins us live with details. seems this rally gets beggar than ever this year. reporter: impressed organizers this year. that march for life attracted
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tens of thousands of people from all over northern california. now, that march, from civic center, here to justin herman plazaing tied up traffic on market and adjoining streets for two and a half hours and the matchers' message was simple, overturn roe v. wade. >> the plaza was filled with more than 240u7b people in the ninth annual walk for life. prolife supporters listened to speeches on the norse of roe v. wade. generalster o'neill poke spoke to the crowd. >> abortion hurts women and families and society and needs to become unthinkable. >> o'neill says she is a member of silent no more and is impressed by the turnout. pope benedict sent his ambassador to the the event to personally deliver his message regarding roe v. wade. >> support those who want to
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have the decision and law established in this country. >> at 1:30 the group marched from civic center down market street. the crowd was so large it took the better part of an hour to clear the plaza. earlier in the day a prochoice celebration commemorating roe v. wade was held in the plaza. >> we must stand against the people who want to eliminate reproductive education in our schools. >> 300 people listened to speakers and music. sap extra, who was called a slut by rush limbaugh when she addressed congress about coverage for contraception, came to san francisco. >> defending roe and the right for women to make their own decisions about their bodies. >> prochoice supporters were gone by the time the thousands of the prolife marchers reached their destination. the only people left here are the vendors, and police say they have only made two arrests in
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today's march. reporting live in san francisco, abc7 news. >> we know that caused some traffic problems, too. thank you, tomas. a plane lost its advertising banner while flying over san francisco today, causing a power outage and a traffic nightmare. this is a photo of the banner that landed on high voltage power lines. the banner caused an explosion, knocking out power to 2,000 customers. streets in the area were closed as crews responded. pg&e was able to restore service to all but 100 people. >> it was alarming. it was a loud noise. >> went outside and saw the large sign on the electrical wiring, and then a powerline itself exploded and split, so was hanging on the ground, and the pg&e guys said to stay away. >> the fallen banner caused
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traffic tieups no one was hurt. there's no word o. what caused the banner to fall from the plane but there were strong wind gusts in the area at the time and that banner was advertising haircuts for 8.99. several people were hurt after police chased a stolen suv in the east bay. starting at 2:00 a.m. in el cerrito, but ended with a crash in the oakland hills. police say the suv jumped a curb, rolled over, slammed into a tree, and then rolled back upright. one person was seriously injured. a neighbor awoken by police sirens, watched the crash from his window. >> dark so -- it's a dark car so you really just see it go into the bushes and just see the debris and things going up in the air and the car just twisting out to the street and you're like, what's going on? >> of the eight people inside, who were ejected, another two ran off. police tracked down and arrested
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one of them. hundreds of people waited in long lines to turn in their guns during a gun buyback program today in san mateo. organizers collected 680 guns during the four-hour program. they include illegal guns and a sawed off shotgun. several of them, one woman says, she waited almost two hours to turn in a rifle. >> got to stop the violence. this is crazy, what is happening. it's got to stop. we just got to try to help each other, and just got to stop. >> i think we have all done a lot of soul searching since newtown. everyone is thinking long and hard about whether or not we need guns in our lives. >> people received up to 200 tuesday for their guns with a total of $53,000 in donations to the program exchanged for the weapons. the front line on the debate over gun control was in washington, dc today. >> this is about gun responsibility. this is about gun safety.
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>> gun control activists marched on washington in support of president obama's proposed new gun control policies. many of them were from newtown, connecticut, where 20 children and six document's gucked down. others around the country that oppose gun restrictions are speaking out as well. >> looking for the things that are going to be banned. >> our freedoms seem to be under the gun, pardon the pun. >> any parent has a gun in the house, really, whatever it is, has to think about why they have that gun there. >> a handful of people turned out in the same spot to protest the antigun rally. the group supports gun rights. protesters held signs that feature plastic guns and drawings of hitler. win read all in favor of gun control, raise your right arm. >> lucky 49ers season ticket holders are now making their plans for new orleans. a limited number of super bowl
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tickets were made available to loyal customers over the past two days. season ticketholders lined up to pay about a thousand dollars a ticket for the championship game. >> so incredibly exciting. never been to a super bowl. never been to new orleans. it's a great opportunity to see my little brother and i'm just totally stoked about this team. >> coming up at 5:15, stay tuned for the big super bowl ticket giveaway. 49ers team owner, the sow ceo, has two tickets up for grabs. did you know that we are sending several abc7 news crews to new orleans to cover the 49ers? we have sports director larry beil and sports anchor mike shumann heading up our team. our live reports from new orleans begins super bowl week. >> 1600 jobs are now available with one of the largest
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employers in the county. >> a hacker group takes down a federal government web site. why anonymous says its hijacked the site. >> also, a parking change in one of the most congested parts of san francisco. several blocks are now off limits. >> leigh: i'm leigh glaser. some big changes. you can feel it out there today. temperatures dropped. by how much? we'll look at that and look ahead to the accuweather
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>> the fbi says it's investigating the possible hacking of a government web site. anonymous says it high jeakd the
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u.s. sentencing commission web site to avenge the death of aaron swartz, an internet activist who committed suicide. the agency was taken over early today and replaced with a message warning that when swartz killed himself two weekingses ago, quote, line was crossed. the web site could not be accessed today. the hackers say they have copied secret information and they are now threatening to make it public. >> in fairfield, hundreds turn out for job opportunities at the six flaggs park in vallejo. it's one of the largest employers in solano county and they're gearing up for the coming season. the park is looking to hire 1400 people with 600 jobs expected to be filled this weekend. the job fair today was limited to applicants who had been prescreened online. the opening date for the park is march 16th. >> new parking enforcement rules are in place in chynnatown
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district. five locks of stockton street between broadway and sacramento street, daily between 9:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m. the room will give space for businesses to set up outdoor displays during the lucrative weeks leading up to the lunar new year. the parking restrictions will be in place until february 9. one 49er fan has two free seats to the super bowl. the team owner was looking for a dedicated fan, and he found one. meet the lucky winner up next. >> taking a look outside, a mild saturday, and meteorologist leigh glaser says even warmer weather is coming. the accuweather forecast after the break. >> now here's a look at what is ahead on abc's world news at 5:30. >> so much of the country in a deep freeze.
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the tee ingredient taken out of gatorade, and what we learned about hmm, it says here that cheerios helps lower cholesterol as part of a heart healthy diet. that's true.
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...but you still have to go to the gym. ♪ the one and only, cheerios ...and now... you! [ giggles ] ♪ the one and only, cheerios
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>> 949ers opener jed york has picked a winner of a pair of tickets to super bowl. terry white of walnut creek has been to all five 49er super bowls. white is a third generation san franciscan and a 45 year 49er season ticketholder. he beat out the others. york says he was looking for the most deserving fan. so congratulations to terry white. congratulations to us on our fabulous weather. with meteorologist leigh glaser.
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>> leigh: it's been terrific, although you have noticed how much colder it is today. with the northwest wind, you can see rocking there on top of mt. tamalpais. this is our high definition camera. we still have a few clouds here and there but the cold blast will be with us for the next several days. here's clouds still rotating across the bay area. some of these little higher cumulus clouds producing a few drops in the higher elevations, but i think for all intents and purposes we can said we'll be dry for the next several days. check out these current temperatures. 51, san francisco. oakland, 55. 55, antioch, 52, san jose. if we factor in the changes, san francisco down 11 degrees from this time yesterday, down eight in napa, down nine in concord. down nine in los gatos.
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no 60s today. most locations only in the mid-to-upper 50s, and that trend is going to be with us. the big culprit on the back side of a cold front. winds out of the north-northwest raising racing in, gusts at 32, sfo, 22 gusts in oakland, and these winds will stay up throughout the course of the evening. so the forecast, breezy and colder overnight, cool and windy day for your sunday, and then after that it looks like this dry weather pattern will stay with us throughout next week and each day those temperatures will slowly begin to warm up. chill canny overnight. inland locations. napa, 35, 34 for santa rosa, if the wind stays up in the valley areas you night that be as cold. we'll put you in the 30s. 46, san francisco 42, antioch, delta, you can possibly have some pockets of dense fog. this is a weak cold front, the
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jet stream pushing down in this area of low pressure, and also this very weak system will continue to move that colder air mass over the bay area. now, as this weak system moves through overnight tonight, it could possibly trigger a few light showers, mainly off the coast and the higher terrain. this is 10:00 tonight. you're looking at the forecast model. by 2:00 a.m. you can see some of the moisture staying well off the coastline so we'll continue to see that rotate in close. by 8:00 a.m. the system pushes to the south and we'll start to see the sunshine. but still going to be very cool tomorrow and those northwesterly winds will be with us. here's a look at the highs for sunday, in the 50s. 55, san rafael, 54, san francisco, san jose, 56. livermore, 54. watsonville, 56. salinas, 57. i know, it's a huge change from being in the 60s the past several days. here's a look ahead at the
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seven-day forecast. sunny and breezy0s monday. bit wednesday we'm warm things up and by friday, temperatures in the upper 60s. what a change. >> that front moved on through. >> well, have you had a chance to kiss the ring yet? >> i am not worthy. >> mike: you made me kiss it earlier when it was on your hand so we're even. we're talking 49ers but the sharks continue to impress. have yet to lose a game in this lockout shortened season. why is this
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>> mike: these are hi my first hockey highlights of the year, you'd think patrick patrick marleau missed hockey. the first player to have four straight multi2k3w0e8 games to start the season. avalanche controlled the game early until this to gabriel. marleau, first skoal -- goal of the game. a minute later, it's nhl leading eighth goal of the year. second period. the niemi the day off. and how about another first. matt irwin, first nhl gel. sharks open the season 4-0 with the 4-0 win. they're back at it tomorrow
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night at the tank against vancouver. >> 49ers have one more day of practice before heading to new orleans. the last chance of normalcy before the super bowl media onslaught begins on monday. niners have fire players on the roster that played in the super bowl. the kicker, wide receiver moss, manningham, and clark hagan, even jim harbaugh never played in the big one. this entire roster wants to keep the bay area championship win streak going. san freapts just settling down from the giants world series victory parade. should we get ready for another parade? >> that's the thing about it. got the giants winning, doing well. sharks, and warriors. we're getting spoiled. >> mike: tennis' first major ofey year winding down them with's final this morning at the australian opening.
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azarenka againstna na won the first set. after a ten-midnight fireworks delay in the third set for australia day. na, who was leading, falls and hits her head. she was checked out by the medical team after getting cleared, she was really never the same. s a azarenka pounces. victoria wins back-to-back australian opens with a three-set victory. >> i will always give very special memory of this court and will be in my heart forever. >> mike: college hoops. santa clara and san diego. all broncos. easy slam. he had 18. then down the hoop. santa clary with the victory.
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saint mary's hosting pepperdine. he beck gets the steal. he had 19. brad had 13. st. mary's shoots 54%. the gaels win. we'll have the season bowl at 6:00. >> you have that rock because you're a former 49er super bowl winner. >> mike: thank you. a long time ago but people forget. >> he doesn't. from the lunchline, next up, pursuing your
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>> at 6:00, developing news. a dramatic water rescue after a sailboat sinks into the bay. and reducing san francisco's carbon footprint. the group that says planting fruit trees will make a difference. join us at 6:00. a lady in indiana is on her way to becoming a cheerleader with the nfl. the 20-year-old works as a lunch server at a high school but is hoping to become a colts cheerleader through an online competition and currently has the most votes. that will do it forrous, see this is "world news." tonight -- the deep freeze. and this evening, the concern across several states. black ice overnight. the storm moving through. at what temperature does black ice really take hold on the highways?
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team of rivals. four years after their epic battle for the white house. >> i don't think i'm that bad. >> you're likable enough. >> thank you. >> president obama now sitting down next to hillary clinton. his first interview with anyone other than his wife. why he chose to do it. and is this all about 2016? caught on tape. look at this video. tonight, authorities say a violent criminal walking right out of prison. no one stopping him. how did he pull this off? and this evening, the warning now under way. and the controversial ingredient in that american staple gatorade. >> people have been drinking gatorade more than ever. >> tonight, what's now being removed from gatorade. was it a flame retardant? good evening on this saturday night. if you're watching you're likely


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